Why Tea?

Tea has become much more than just a drink over the last few years. Whether you prefer tea bags or loose leaf, a wide variety of benefits associated with the beverage have recently emerged in the spotlight and the drink is garnering new popularity from people seeking health and wellness worldwide. 
Tea has been around for centuries. Recent studies have shown tea to exude countless health benefits and the research continues to pour in. The green, white, black and oolong varieties of tea are derived from the Camellia sinensis plant, a flowering species cultivated all over the world. Southeast China is known for producing some of the highest quality tea due to the ideal climate and higher elevations, as well as the smaller tea leaves and buds which are native to the region. The polyphenols found in tea consist of disease-fighting catechins, which are antioxidants that protect against oxidative damage to cells by reducing free radicals in the body. 
Although tea has remained a staple in many cultures over the years, only recently have scientists begun to study its medicinal properties and assumed health benefits. Tea has been shown to offer a long list of health benefits including the promotion of a healthy immune system and bone health, improved digestion and artery function, and lower cholesterol, blood pressure and risk of stroke. Tea is also praised for its preventative qualities like reducing the risk of various types of cancer, heart disease, Parkinson’s and diabetes. Drinking tea enhances liver function and acts as a detoxifying agent, boosts metabolism, increases energy and endurance and aids in weight control. 
Drinking tea as part of your daily routine offers the most rewarding experience by reducing stress, promoting relaxation and enhancing feelings of overall well-being. Slowing down to enjoy a cup of tea is universal; it brings people together and allows us to connect with each other on a social level. For those focusing on a more holistic approach to their health, tea offers a natural method of preventative care and has been so widely recognized for its positive attributes that it is now the second most consumed beverage next to water around the world. 
So when it comes to drinking tea, the question is, “Why not?


With centuries of traditional tea farming expertise, a remote tea garden community in southeastern China has mastered the art of producing organic tea.  This area is to organic tea what the Napa Valley is to wine in the United States.  Our organic tea is cultivated from nutrient-rich soil, ever present sunshine and misty mountain air, producing fresh tasting premium tea leaves.  From picking, processing and blending, we ensure that each cup of tea will deliver a refreshing flavor and aroma.   Read More


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