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Touch Organic Apricot White Tea | 24 Bags
Organic white tea, the new color of tea from China, is combined with natural apricot to create a rem..
Touch Organic Black Tea | 24 Bags
This authentic Chinese organic black tea is a classic breakfast tea recognized for its refined aroma..
Touch Organic Earl Grey Green Tea | 24 Bags
For decades, earl grey has been a leading choice for international tea drinkers.  Our Touch Org..
Touch Organic Green Tea | 24 Bags
Premium organic green tea is harvested by our proud farmers in South-eastern China and is meticulous..
Touch Organic Jasmine Green Tea | 24 Bags
Premium organic green tea is carefully infused with jasmine to produce a delicate aroma and refreshi..
Touch Organic Mango Green Tea | 24 Bags
The refreshing taste of mango is combined with certified organic green tea from China to produce a r..
Touch Organic Mild Mint Green Tea | 24 Bags
Touch Organic Mild Mint tea features organic green tea blended with a hint of mint.  Perfect fo..
Touch Organic Oolong Tea | 24 Bags
Oolong tea is partially fermented green tea leaves that combine the taste and color qualities of bot..
Touch Organic Very Berry White Tea | 24 Bags
Premium organic white tea is naturally blended with blueberry and raspberry to creat a refreshing an..
Touch Organic White Tea | 24 Bags
Organic white tea is a slightly fermented green tea blended with rare silver tea leaves and buds. &n..


With centuries of traditional tea farming expertise, a remote tea garden community in southeastern China has mastered the art of producing organic tea.  This area is to organic tea what the Napa Valley is to wine in the United States.  Our organic tea is cultivated from nutrient-rich soil, ever present sunshine and misty mountain air, producing fresh tasting premium tea leaves.  From picking, processing and blending, we ensure that each cup of tea will deliver a refreshing flavor and aroma.   Read More


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